Technical Account Managers (TAM)

Our approach to Technical Account Managers (TAM) is different.  While the TAM assists with upgrades, tracking open tickets, checking system health, and other activities on a remote part-time basis, we offer block time to pay for and use these services to meet your needs.  

If you have a lot of upgrades in a given month, use more hours that month and the next month when things are stable, use less.  If you run out of hours, simply buy another block of hours.  Blocks are valid for use up to 6-months from the initial purchase date of the block.  

Should you not use enough and need to use it before it expires, do a health check and use it.

Purchase  Time
Purchase Time
We sell blocks of hours in 50 hour increments
Determine Need
Determine Need
You can decide how much time weekly you need and request a resource (4-hour min)
Use Accordingly
Use Accordingly
A highly skilled TAM engages and uses what's required. If you need more, buy another block

TAM Services is a great way to have a part-time expert assist you when you need it without the higher costs of a Resident.  We require 2-weeks lead time to schedule a TAM and it is based on resources we have available to assist.  A minimum of four hours is charged against the block of time, we round up to at least 4 hours per day.  Any time above 4 hours for the day is rounded up to the nearest hour.

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