How do we buy servers or products? Do you sell them?

FR Solutions does not sell hardware or software to our customers because we also provide services delivery resources for our partners B2B and don’t wish to compete as a reseller with them.  We current have partnerships with several resellers but the one we interface the most with is KH Technologies.  You can purchase products and servers from them directly at https://www.khtechcloud.com and we can then provide the services to install it and optimize it.

Why multi-cloud instead of public cloud like AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud?

A multi-cloud encompasses all types of clouds so it takes the best of each and combines them seamlessly to get the best features at the lowest cost.  End users don’t even know they are bouncing between clouds

How do we know the best mix of clouds for the greatest ROI?

Nutanix has a tool formally known as “Beam” that will look at your various cloud mix and determine the most cost effective to use.  As a general rule, the more data intensive or more data you need to move up/down in the public cloud, the more expensive it is.  

Will this Nutanix tool help us to maximize our ROI if we follow it?

The tool is a guide, it is not what you should follow in all cases.  It will show you the best mix but business requirements are also important like security, compliance, regulations, sensitive data, and other factors that may have you choose a slightly different mix.

Does it matter what hardware we use when installing Nutanix?

While Nutanix has its own servers and started as a hardware company, their hypervisor and one-tier architectural design is core to their success.  They made the hypervisor agnostic to platform so you can install Nutanix on their machines, Dell, HP, or Cisco and get the same functionality at different price points.  Our recommendation is to keep your datacenter with the same machines unless you are doing an entire datacenter refresh or unhappy with the hardware you have.  We can help you decide on the best choice.

For staffing solutions, why would we utilize a try/buy option over just hiring the resources up-front for less money?

The benefits of a try/buy is it gives you the ability to use a resource and see how well they map to their resume and interact with your teams.  We have placed many resources this way and have a 68% hire ratio.  Some clients found superstars and were extremely pleased to hire them, while some resources just didn’t show the drive they were looking for.  The best part is you don’t have to provide them with benefits and can simply say the resource isn’t what we wanted so let’s try another.

Why do you have a college program focused on mainframe and is that the only college program you offer?

We offer our college program for any technologies, not just mainframe.  The reason why mainframe is a focus is because many students simply are not focusing on mainframe skills and due to attrition and retirement, these skills are becoming very hard and expensive to find.  The college program trains up resources for a full year on all your systems so they become experts in the technologies you need.  The end result is a low cost expert trained up specifically on your systems and then you can hire them as an FTE. 

What is the VMWare replacement program and why do you offer it?

As many know, VMWare was acquired by Broadcom and they are notorious for raising rates on existing customers up for renewal by as much as 200% in some cases.  They do not value loyalty and will force renewals impacting ROIs and budgets.  Our program allows you to look at Nutanix as an alternative to most of the VMWare products.  Some customers of VMWare have had enough and switch entirely to Nutanix on the hardware of choice while other enterprise customers use our estimates on Nutanix as leverage to negotiate better with VMWare/Broadcom on the renewals.  Either way if you are utilizing VMWare, it is worth the effort to explore Nutanix to either replace VMWare or have more to bargain with.  

Another consideration is that VMWare is made up of many different modules making upgrades a nightmare.  They must be followed step-by-step with downtime over a weekend impacting staff and customers.  Nutanix affords one-click upgrades without downtime and no need to do it on a weekend.  Let us show you what the benefits are.

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