Staffing 101 – Try and Buy Options

Why should we use the try/buy staffing method over traditional staffing?

FR Solutions has an innovative programs to help companies with their technical staffing needs.  The simplist and most efficient method for staffing is to utilize what we call a try/buy.  You can link to our page explaining a sample scenario here. 
Essentially, how the program works is you provide us with an overview of the exact skillsets you need, a salary range as an FTE, and a location for the position unless it can be remote.  We find you qualified candidates to meet your goals and you get to select which ones you want to utilize.  Once a selection is made, we provide that resource as a consultant to utilize at your company while we have them work for us.
The benefit is you have no risk to hire the resource until after you can assess their skills and fit for the company.  No HR forms, no benefits required, no commitment to hire the resource as an FTE until you are completely satisfied.  Once you find a gem, you can hire them at any time as an FTE knowing you made the best choice.  If you are unhappy with the resource, we release them and you try another until you find your superstar.
"We provided FRS with our requirements and had great candidates provided, we selected one and found them to be a perfect fit, after seven months of using them and ensuring they were the one, we flipped them to an FTE.  The entire process was ideal and we hired three more the same way. "
Rajadran Harishma
HR Director
The program is designed to staff a resource as a consultant for six months with a discounting formula month over month to hire until after the first six months, there is no fee to flip the resource to an FTE.  If you want to hire them prior to six months, you can do so and pay a hiring fee pro-rated each month lower until it becomes zero.  
We have several customers that prefer this method of hiring making it their standard for all new technical resources due to its simplicity and ability to try someone before hiring them to ensure the perfect fit.
We have other programs besides this one if you prefer a part-time expert resource or a FT expert resource to utilize to train up your existing staff in a certain technology or product without having to hire the expert on staff. 
Let us help you to find the best program for your budget and needs so Contact Us or if you would like to find cloud solutions to transfer from a mainframe to the cloud, please visit and they can provide you with hardware and software solutions that we can implement.