Multi-Cloud Solution Services

FRS Cloud Consultancy with Nutanix 

FR Solutions (FRS) is one of only three North American Champion level service partners with Nutanix. FRS offers top-tier solutions rivaling Nutanix internal services. Services include assisting with multi-cloud solution architecture for the best ROI and professional services through Nutanix directly, through FRS, or any reseller to ensure client satisfaction and delivery success. FRS has the highest rated Customer Service CSAT rating of all other partners. FRS’ partnership with another core Nutanix reseller, KH Technologies, provides seamless access to all hardware and software needed for your solutions.

Dell, HP, Cisco, Lenovo Solutions 

FR Solutions (FRS) offers services to install Nutanix AHV and Prism Pro on any hardware platform including, but not limited to, Nutanix, Dell, HP, Lenovo, and Cisco servers. These solutions provide for one-click upgrades without downtime, offering your business the opportunity to stay up to date without having to sacrifice a minute. Hybrid-cloud solutions like Nutanix beam optimize the benefits of both cloud systems, saving you money and providing efficient systems. FRS also offers lower-cost blade server solutions such from Scale Computing as an inexpensive alternative.

Multi-Cloud Security 

FR Solutions (FRS) offers top-line data security services to ensure your environment and data remain secure. We offer products to deter and protect against viruses, Ransomware, Denial of Services, and other cybersecurity attack strategies. FRS has a variety of cybersecurity solutions, including: firewall lockdown prevention, secure edge, and cloud-native security services; migration protection, governance, compliance, and analytics solutions; autonomous threat protection, end-point security, email security, mobile security, internet browsing protections, and VPN access security systems, and self-driven identity and access management solutions.

Backup & Restore

Cybersecurity attacks are everywhere. They are rampant and relentless, crippling businesses with ransomware or denial of service malware to force payoffs. What victims of these attacks often lack is a solid backup & restore recovery plan. Disaster recovery plans are essential to modern businesses, especially those that utilize cloud services. FR Solutions (FRS) offers top-line backup and recovery plans to ensure business continuity and disaster recovery planning. Businesses should stay one step ahead of malicious cyberattacks. Rather than pay an expensive ransom, and risk misappropriation of business and client data and a PR nightmare, businesses should invest in solid backup and and recovery plans for peace of mind in conducting their operations. FRS is here to make that happen.

Database in the Cloud (DBaas)

FR Solutions (FRS) provides comprehensive solutions to help your business manage its databases in the cloud. FRS will assist your business in utilizing public cloud services, such as AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud, to securely store your data and free up the storage space and cost required to maintain a private cloud system. FRS also offers support for the most popular DB services such as Oracle, SQLServer, PostgressSQL, MySQL, and MongoDB.