The next wave of Mainframe experts

The mainframe has been going away for almost 40 years now and yet it seems to be as strong as ever.  Experts predicted that the mainframe would be replaced by new web enabled systems in the late 90’s and early 2000’s but what they found is that the mainframe was still efficient and secure.  Companies that used them simply were not ready to replace them and spend all the time and money to bring on new systems and perform a digital transformation with resources that may not adapt well to the new systems.
In the insurance industry, we have been using mainframes since the late 1980s and nothing changes quickly with insurance.  We had lots of issues in finding qualified resources to maintain the systems with Cobol and JCL but FR Solutions helped us with the Mainframe College program and now we have Cobol and JCL experts that know our systems inside and out.  The best part is they are young and vibrant and making an impact on the business.Christine Johannson
FR Solutions has an innovative program to help.  We have a staffing arm that can help you find highly skilled mainframe experts specific to your requirements or we can assist with a 1-year program to train up college graduates to focus on learning mainframe in your environment.  We train them on all your mainframe languages and they do OTJ training to learn your systems.  These low cost resources then become part of your organization as a full time employee after one year.  Let us help you to find the best program for your budget and needs so Contact Us or if you would like to find cloud solutions to transfer from a mainframe to the cloud, please visit and they can provide you with hardware and software solutions that we can implement.