Hiring Without the Risk of a Bad Apple

Hiring the Right Person for the Job, Everytime

Hiring nowadays is difficult to find qualified candidates and meet goals on diversity or simply to find qualified candidates who do what they claim their capabilities showed on their resumes.  Why hire a bad apple?
Technical resources are hard to find, ones that possess the right skills, with the right business acumen, and a sense of urgency type of attitude.  We can help.  Our try/buy solutions allow you to try out someone for up to 6+ months before flipping them to an FTE.  Save ramp up time, don’t provide benefits until they are hired, and try them out to make sure they are a perfect fit or release them and try another.
FR Solutions has innovative programs to help companies with their technical staffing needs.  The simplest and most efficient method for staffing is to utilize what we call a try/buy.  You can link to our page explaining a sample scenario here. 
Essentially, how the program works is you provide us with an overview of the exact skillsets you need, a salary range as an FTE, and a location for the position unless it can be remote.  We find you qualified technical candidates to meet your goals and you get to select which ones you want to try out as a consultant to start.  We have them work for us dedicated 100% to your needs as if they were an FTE.  You get the benefits of trying out the resource like an FTE without all the FTE paperwork and overhead.  If they turn out to be a superstar, you can hire them at any time with a pro-rated reduction in hiring costs until after six months, you can flip them to a full-time hire free of any fees.  
Take the guess work out of staffing and stop worrying about if you made the best choice for the role, know you made the best choice every time.  
If you want to other options to hiring, we can provide those too.  We have residencies that are highly skilled working as FTE Consultants for a fixed period of time to help train up your staff, then leave.  Or we can provide TAMs as part-time resources to help you with upgrades or patches or maintenance only when needed.  We can also provide college-graduates and train them up on your company software to then flip as lower cost long-term resources where we make them experts for your use.