Protecting against Ransomware and Denial of Service Attacks

Ransomware attacks are starting to become far too common and companies falling victim all say the same thing, I wish I took actions so we were ready and didn’t have this happen.  FR Solutions is well versed in all the various combinations of security solutions to help lock down all your vulnerabilities.  We work with the best of the breed security companies, backup and restore companies, and ensure they map to your SLA requirements.  Let us help you find a solution to protect your company and your customer base.
Our  company was a victim of a ransomware attack.  We had our servers secure but our laptops were not protected and the ransomware made it onto our servers locking us down.  We had no choice but to pay.  We went to FR Solutions for help to ensure it never happens again and they helped us with a combination of Nutanix, Palo Alto, Checkpoint, and Barracuda Networks software so we are locked down.  We also have Veeam just in case, we can wipe out our servers and do a restore and be back up and running in four hours with minimal loss.  So we never have to worry about a ransomware attack again. John Linker, Operations Manager
There are lots of security products on the market today for the multi-cloud but it really depends on what your requirements are, where there are entry points into your systems, and what your SLAs are requiring you to adhere too.  Our experts can help you find the best solution and if it entails products needed that we don’t deliver, we will work with others to ensure you still get the best options for your business, not a solution that was pushed on you that doesn’t fit.
Give us a try, we can help protect your vital business.  Contact Us or if you are looking to purchase products, please contact our reseller partner at and they can find you solutions to fit you business and budget needs.