Cloud Native at Nutanix

 FR Solutions (FRS) has strong expertise with Nutanix Cloud Native Services. Such services are an ideal infrastructure for enterprise cloud networks at scale and work with Kubernetes platforms.

Kubernetes, containers, and cloud native technologies are integral components of digital transportation. Without them, companies face a steep uphill battle in building and deploying applications in unique and efficient manners. Legacy systems are generally barriers to realizing a company’s success in the digital age. Such traditional systems require heavy maintenance and expansion planning, skewing a company’s focus from its major priorities. Traditional systems are also not built to support Kubernetes, lacking the computation, storage, and networking resources needed to allow Kubernetes to operate in its full potential.

Rather than relying on dated traditional legacy systems, companies should consider investing in Nutanix Cloud Native services to modernize their infrastructure. FRS specializes in implementing Nutanix public, private, and hybrid-cloud operations, offering the hardware and software your business needs to stand out in its field.
  Persistent data management and virtualization are key features of Nutanix Cloud Native. With these tools, your company can easily build the foundation of an on-prem Kubernetes stack. The benefits of this stack include integrated persistent storage and simplified Kubernetes lifecycle management. Further, FRS can implement Nutanix services for Kubernetes to simplify and unify the process of provisioning and operating applications by extending enterprise data services to containerized applications.

To add to its simplicity, Nutanix services extend existing Kubernetes CLI and API features. There is no need for learning new software tools or hiring expensive specialists to develop on your company’s behalf. Instead, consider Nutanix services to increase cost efficiency, minimize risk of traditional infrastructure failure, and have greater peace of mind in running your business.