How to pick the best services company for your hardware or software investments

Our team needed help with installing our hardware and software solutions but found pricing that eroded our ROI.  FR Solutions was instrumental in helping us to find the best way to utilize our investments for the greatest ROI.  They were professional and priced extremely competitively, we are very pleased in working with them and recommend them to everyone.Alex Jon Martin

We can’t say enough for the work provided by FR Solutions for us to implement our Nutanix solution on Dell hardware.  Not only did they help us with the installation, configuration, and optimization, they were able to help us ramp up faster with a TAM resource that now assists us with upgrades and has become our trusted advisor to help free up my datacenter team to focus on other initiatives.

Give us a try, we can help you with creating your own private-cloud or multi-cloud solution for the best ROI.  Contact Us or if you are looking to purchase products, please contact our reseller partner at and they can find you solutions to fit you business and budget needs.