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VMWare Replacement Strategies


With the recent acquisition of VMWare by Broadcom, customers are sure to see increases in renewals by as much as 150%.  Many customers are nervous and looking to hedge negotiation with Nutanix or outright replace VMWare with Nutanix instead.  Let us help you build the leverage you need so you can drive the negotiations instead of VMWare driving you.

Some actual comments on Redit from customers starting to deal with the acquisition and increased costs:

  • "One provider is pushing us towards $1100 per processor per year and it used to be $800 for 3 years"

  • They Quadrupled our renewal most recently. Negotiations took over a year and they still don't have our $#%& straight. I have actually started using the phrase "This is the support $XX,XXX,XXX buys us?"

  • Don’t you mean “how much are your VMware ransoms now?”

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Have one of our sales specialists help you get started today!  Click on the link below for help:

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